Christ Our King Community Church
Moving from Brokenness to Blessedness
Our Beliefs
  • Direction from the Word of God

    The holy Bible, from beginning to end, reveals God’s love and His plan for redemption. The Bible is timeless, and you can expect to hear us read from God’s Word with boldness and conviction

  • Devotion to one another

    Do you remember what it was like when the church was first started? There was one big community. Every need was met. This is our desire. We have been created to be connected with one another. We discover who we are as well as who God is through our love for one another. A distinguishing mark of a Kingdom community is love for one another.

  • Development that makes a difference

    Direction from the word and devotion to one another leads to development that makes a difference. We are designed to grow through a transformative experience.

  • Dynamic Worship

    If we are directed by the word, devoted to one another and being developed in a way that is transformative, then we will automatically experience worship that is dynamic.

  • Our Mission

    We exist to build broken people into blessed people who live, learn, and lead together as a grace-filled community.

  • Our Vision

    To become a multi-faceted, regional community of people transformed into grace-filled leaders impacting the world for Christ.

1500 Garner Road | Raleigh, NC 27610 | (919) 838-4848 |